Chrome nails 


So this week I got two sets of different colored chrome nails. The first time around I got some purple colored chrome nails. In the light they reflected as almost a copper color.

For the second set I got today, I decided to get pink chrome nails. I loveeeee them. They shine so much and look great. Any thoughts on chrome nails?

#nails #chrome #style #fashion 


New tattoo 


So today I finally got a tattoo I’ve been waiting to get. I got some roses and vines with shading. I got it on my upper arm so I can cover it up with sleeves when I need to. Yet, even though everyone may not like tattoos I don’t think it should be looked down upon. It’s really ignorant to think less of someone for having art on their body. My character is the same, my morals are the same. What’s wrong with it? I’m tired of being ridiculed for it. Sorry for the rant 

Other than that I’m really happy with it. 

Vada Mesh Perspex Boots


Okay so I discovered a new website called Public Desire. They are a UK online webstore for shoes. I ordered my boots off this website which i’d been dyinggggg for. Ive seen various styles/colors of these shoes worn by big celebs such as Kim K and Beyonce. I knew I needed to get the nude mesh boots once I saw them, one of my favorite purchases so far!


This is a mini collage of my outfits throughout the week.

  • Monday: Overalls-F21
  • Tuesday-High Wasited Shorts-Urban Outfitters, Bodysuit-F21, Birks-Reflection, Belt-Target
  • Thursday- Jean Jacket-F21, Pants-Hollister, Shirt-F21
  • Saturday-Black Overall Dress-F21, Bodysuit-F21, Lace Up Sandals-Charlotte Russe
  • Sunday- Green Jumper-F21, Purse-HM, Boots-Public Desire

New Do’


After such a long time I was finally able to achieve a nice pastel blonde hair color without/  little damage. It took almost 7 hours to get it to this color, but was well worth the wait. I got this done at the  ManeTamer hair salon. Carrie (my stylist) was very friendly and determined to get me the color I wanted. Thanks to her now I love my hair!