Lemonade OOTD 🍋🍋


Good evening everyone and happy Thursday! Today I wore one of the dresses I purchased this weekend and wanted to share my outfit for the day 🙂 

This is a lemon patterned summer dress from forever21 ($19) 

Shoes: American Rag ($40)

Glasses: F21 $5

Choker: Etsy 


Summer Haul 


Good afternoon everyone! Just wanted to share a couple things I picked up today that I consider as summer essentials 🍹

So the first item I purchased was a grey cold shoulder cropped sweatshirt. I purchased this item at VS Pink for $50. The price is up there but I did have a discount coupon.

The second item I purchased at Pink was a simple black one-piece bathing suit. This retailed for $29.99, being on sale for their semi annual sale! I’ve been looking all over for a one piece I can wear out in the pool and on my beach trips. 👙🌊

The next two purchases are both from Forever21.

Oval white retro sunglasses-$5.90 I love the vintage vibe of these glasses. I’m always purchasing new shades to add to my collection! 

White ruffle lemon dress-$19.90

I’ve been searching for this dress everywhere! I love the summer vibes it brings and how cute and girly it is. My style fluctuates, but this sun dress was a need. 🍋🍋

I’ll be posting ootds soon of my purchases thank you xo.

Bath & Body Semi Annual Haul ðŸ›


Good evening everyone! Today I went to my local Bath & Body Works to pick up some summer essentials. I ended up buying some products that I’ve been meaning to get and waiting to go on sale. 

The three products I purchased: 

Bloom from Within: White Gardenia single wick candle. This product was on sale for only $5! They’re normally $10, everything  was 50% off original price. The smell of this is a very fresh floral. 

Stress Relief 3-wick candle: This product was originally $22, but I got it on sale for $10! I love the scent of this candle the eucalyptus does a good job at helping me wind down, and the purpose is needed. 

True Blue Spa Citrus Face Scrub: This product was originally $12, so I got it on sale for $6! I am always looking for new face products that I may like. I liked the scent of this scrub because I love any citrus fruits. It has micrbeads in it to thoroughly cleanse my face.  

Lorac Pirates of the Carribean Cheek Kit ðŸ”®


Hi everyone I’m so excited to share a new product by Lorac that’s limited edition! It’s the new Cheek Set inspired by the movie Pirates of the Carribean! It includes 6 pans in the palette which include 4 highlighters and 2 blushes. This is what the packaging looks like. 

I really liked how the palette itself has an astrological vibe 🌌 to its look. It looks very unique compared to other palettes I’ve purchased. 

This is the actual inside of the palette inside. 

The highlighting shades are: Fortune, Destined, Star Reader, and Bold Spirit. 

The blush shades are: Lost Soul & Carribean. 

The thing I like about this palette is it comes with a mirror which is very convienent to have. 

Lastly, I swatched each of the highlighters to show up on camera. 

(From left to right) Bold Spirit, Star Reader, Destined, and Fortune. These are very pigmented and go a long way with just a little product. I love these colors because they are very pastel and opalescent. I would definitely recommend this product it was only $30 at Ulta! 

Selfcare Sunday


Happy Sunday everyone! Every Sunday I like to take a breather at the end of the day and just simply take care of myself. Something that sounds so simple, yet we forget to do. These are a few of my favorite products I use in pampering my skin.


Mary Kay Oil-Free Makeup Remover-$15

This is my favorite make remover because it is oil-free and takes off every inch of makeup I have in a couple swipes! I used an oil-free remover for my eyelash extensions, which does no harm to them.

Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet-$2

You can get a simple sheet face mask at almost any drugstore/beauty supply, I purchased mine at Forever21! They have a ton of face masks to choose from now, so I decided to go with the green tea mask leaving my skin feeling fresh and hydrated for the night. I put this on last after removing all my makeup.

Glossier SuperPure Serum-$28

This product was more on the pricy side, although it is very worth it. The use of this product is to prevent your skin of any blemishes and to reduce the look of redness/scarring. My personal use of this is for my acne scarring that has been left behind on my skin and so far it has been working wonders! The application uses a dropper, which I apply twice a day in my weak spots.

Mario Badescu Rosewater-$3

This is a holy grail product some of you may have heard of. The Mario Badescu Rosewater spray is a facial spray that I use after applying my makeup, as well as before I go to sleep. This helps my skin not appear so dry. It also has a nice scent to it that makes it more pleasant. I got this product on sale at Ulta for only $3! It is affordable already, and is a product I will be purchasing again once I run out.

Hair Transformation 💇🏼


Hi everyone! Since my last hair post, my hair has changed A LOT. I’m not platinum anymore! I decided to go with my darker roots and add darker roots with a balayage over. 

I went from this…. 

To this !

I stood with my platinum hair for almost two years. Although, it was a bit tedious to maintain, I still loved how it looked. Eventually, I wanted a change with my hair and decided to darken it up and I loved the results! This process of going dark from platinum took a total of two sessions. The first session I had to dye my hair dark all one color, this took about 4ish hours. (I have a lot/very coarse hair which makes it time consuming.) The second session (a week later) was when I went back in to do the balayage on top of the dark color. This took only about two hours total. She was able to keep my hair to minimum damage and styled how I wanted it. 

Overall, if you are wanting to do something drastic to your hair, keep in mind it may not all happen at once. Everyone’s hair is different, but your stylist knows best! 

ANOTHER mini haul :)

Beauty, Style

Good afternoon everyone ! Today I wanted to share a few things I purchased over the Memorial Day weekend :). All of the items I bought are all from F21 online! I’ve been ordering online from them a lot lately and use the ship to store, which gets me my products in a couple of days! 

The first item I purchased: 

Toyshades Cateye Sunglasses-$19

I was so stoked when I saw these on sale! They were regularly 28, so I got a pretty good deal. They are a baby blue color with a holographic electric blue lens. 

The second item I got was an off the shoulder mustard colored dress ($17). I think the color mustard is a very underrated color that I love and is needed for summer ☀️

The last item (my favorite) is the Glamfox Fleurescent LipGlow-$16

The brand Glamfox is actually a makeup brand from China, so it is easiest to purchase their items online. The packaging is super fun and unique. Even though it is a lipstick, this product goes on sheer almost as a tinted lip balm. I got mine in the shade “red” but it appears as a sheer pink on my lips. It keeps my lips very hydrated and is the prettiest lipstick I’ve ever seen 😍💄💋