Hair Transformation 💇🏼


Hi everyone! Since my last hair post, my hair has changed A LOT. I’m not platinum anymore! I decided to go with my darker roots and add darker roots with a balayage over. 

I went from this…. 

To this !

I stood with my platinum hair for almost two years. Although, it was a bit tedious to maintain, I still loved how it looked. Eventually, I wanted a change with my hair and decided to darken it up and I loved the results! This process of going dark from platinum took a total of two sessions. The first session I had to dye my hair dark all one color, this took about 4ish hours. (I have a lot/very coarse hair which makes it time consuming.) The second session (a week later) was when I went back in to do the balayage on top of the dark color. This took only about two hours total. She was able to keep my hair to minimum damage and styled how I wanted it. 

Overall, if you are wanting to do something drastic to your hair, keep in mind it may not all happen at once. Everyone’s hair is different, but your stylist knows best!